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  • CULTURE CHANEL - SEOUL - New pinhole movies

    Click on the image to discover in preview the new exhibition "CULTURE CHANEL" in Seoul,

    and see 10 new pinhole movies that I made for this new journey around places of Gabrielle Chanel ...

    schlomoff, culture chanel, culture chanel seoul, chanel, pinhole movie,

    Presentation of the exhibition by Jean-Louis Froment, curator.

    "Culture CHANEL tends to reveal to the public the foundations of the brand through the unique life of Gabrielle Chanel, emphasizing her links with the artists she supported and that nurtured her creativity."
    Jean-Louis Froment

    The Sense of Places, an exhibition

    As inspirational subjects that go beyond mere geographical locations, Gabrielle Chanel’s places especially marvel for some intangible radiance, which for an instant unravels the way they are perceived in reality, and makes them uncannily hers.
    Still today, these same sensations enliven the creations of the House of CHANEL.

    Often linked to romantic liaisons, the places visited within the latest CULTURE CHANEL exhibition in Seoul, draft out a “Map of Tendre”, a promenade through this great couturière’s secret twists and turns, to settle momentarily in yet another place enamoured of modernity: the Dongdaemun Design Plaza with its architecture designed by Zaha Hadid.

    Saumur, Brive, Aubazine, Moulins, Royallieu, Paris, Deauville, Venice, Biarritz, Roquebrune, Eaton Hall, Hollywood and New York are figments of which she retained just the outlines, her unique experience of each would then be transposed into her work.

    However, there is one special place, one where a life draws to a close, and one which embraces all the others: Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment at 31 rue Cambon, Paris.
    Here unfolds the setting for her innermost intrigues.
    Here the spirit of places is embodied.

    This apartment is a storybook account of her friendships and her loves, broken up and then reconstructed in the same octagonal mirrors - a memento of the impression the church tower at the abbey in Aubazine left - that reflect all the great moments in her life.

    It is the place that expresses the intuitive science of Gabrielle Chanel’s poetic, imaginary world.

    Chinese ballades in the Coromandel screens, old Venetian gold on the walls, Korean glazed stoneware, animals escaped from the forest of Compiègne encounter sacred deer from Japanese temples, the bust of a canon and a virgin from Bourgogne make eyes at Egyptian death masks, bestiaries from the four continents where the lion is king, and then the ears of wheat; so many intimate connections from within her diffracted memory, so many fragments from her continually re-invented biographical journey.

    Then, there is that permanent place of thought, a place of endless resonances that unite the great couturière and the books found in her library, and it is needless to say how much the thrum of her reading whispers to her the invisible life of things.
    From these she would form her own perspectives.

    It is here at 31 rue Cambon that she secretly held communion with the ghostly messages from these clandestine occupants she shared her life with, and where she travelled through the architecture of cities she had never visited or where she dreamt of the landscapes depicted in the books of her library.

    It is here, on the other side of a mirror, in a secret place of private fascination that all journeys and all the moments spent, imaginary or real, end up and mingle.
    Gabrielle Chanel would know how to intercept these; to unravel and give them a form which would become the spirit of CHANEL reactivated each day under the living light of contemporary creation.


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  • CULTURE CHANEL - GUANGZHOU - 21 films sténopé 35mm.


    chanel,schlomoff,culture chanel guangzhou,jean-louis froment,renaud sabari,philippe lambert,jean-luc piété,film sténopé,pinhole movie

    To see the movies click on the link below / pour voir les films cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous

    CULTURE CHANEL - GUANGZHOU - January 16 to March 3 - 2013

    from JEROME SCHLOMOFF on Vimeo.

    CHANEL Ordering for the realization of pinhole 21 films illustrating the five themes of the exhibition:


    Curator : Jean-Louis Froment

    Directed by: Jérôme Schlomoff

    Production : Arter / Aia Renaud Sabari & films de l'impatience
    Assistant director Philippe Lambert
    Laboratory Jean-Luc Piété - Paris
    Telecine Studio l'Equipe - Bruxelles

    Collection CHANEL, Paris 2012

    © Schlomoff - amsterdam 2012

    MORE INFO Jérôme Schlomoff  http://vimeo.com/user2897665
    MORE INFO about CULTURE CHANEL  http://culture.chanel.com/fr/exhibition.php

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  • UNSEEN PHOTO FESTIVAL - "Amsterdam reconstruction"

    Next Screening "Amsterdam reconstruction"


    schlomoff, amsterdam reconstruction, cnap, pariso production, smooth one, film sténopé, pinhole movieidfa



    FRIDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 2012 _ 11h00 - 12h15

    11:00-12:15 IDFA presents: "Amsterdam reconstruction" (2007, 20’, NL, Jérôme Schlomoff), Photo & Copyright by G.P. Fieret (2009, 50’, NL, Frank van den Engel)

    Unseen Cinema is free for passe-partout and day-ticket holders. Other visitors can buy tickets for €5 at the entrance of Het Ketelhuis. Reservations not possible.


    Het Ketelhuis
    Pazzanistraat 4
    1014 DB Amsterdam

    T: 020-6840090





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  • IDFA 2011 Amsterdam - "CHANEL Aubazine-Paris"

    International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 16 - 27 November 2011

    - Screening - Paradocs Selection* -

    "CHANEL Aubazine - Paris"

    schlomoff,chanel,idfa,culture chanel, chanel aubazine paris, film sténopé

    Location & date

    BRAKKE GROND / Expozaal = Tue 22 November -  22:00

    TUSCHINSKI #2 = Sun 27 November - 14:15

    More info



    * Paradocs is a program in which the ‘periphery’ of the documentary genre takes center stage. It showcases what is going on beyond the frame of traditional documentary filmmaking, on the borders between film and art, truth and fiction and narrative and design.

    Paradocs Selection 2011



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  • Festival Côté Court - "Henri Plaat"

    Le film sténopé "Henri Plaat" est sélectionné, en compétition Expérimental-Essai-Art-Vidéo, au

      Festival Côté Court 2011. 

    dates de projection :

    dimanche 19 juin à 22h00 et le mercredi 22 juin à 20h00

    (La projection officielle aura lieu le mercredi 22 juin)

    schlomoff, henri plaat, côté court, festival côté court pantin, smooth one, paraiso film, film sténopé, pinhole movie

    Image extraite du film "Henri Plaat"

    The pinhole movie "Henri Plaat" is selected, for competition Expérimental-Essai-Art-Vidéo, at the

    Festival Côté Court 2011.

    Screening dates :

    Sunday, June 19th at 22:00 and Wednesday, June 22 at 20:00

    (The official screening will take place Wednesday, June 22)


    INFO Festival Côté Court :


    INFO Accès Festival Côté Court :


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