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  • IDFA 2011 Amsterdam - "CHANEL Aubazine-Paris"

    International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 16 - 27 November 2011

    - Screening - Paradocs Selection* -

    "CHANEL Aubazine - Paris"

    schlomoff,chanel,idfa,culture chanel, chanel aubazine paris, film sténopé

    Location & date

    BRAKKE GROND / Expozaal = Tue 22 November -  22:00

    TUSCHINSKI #2 = Sun 27 November - 14:15

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    * Paradocs is a program in which the ‘periphery’ of the documentary genre takes center stage. It showcases what is going on beyond the frame of traditional documentary filmmaking, on the borders between film and art, truth and fiction and narrative and design.

    Paradocs Selection 2011



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  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

    "Spring & by summer fall"
    spring & by summer fall.jpg

    Still image from "Blonde redhead meets Gainsbourg" - Simone Pace, drummer, Blonde redhead.

    A pinhole move by Jérôme Schlomoff, The Netherlands, 2009, color / black and white, video, 4 min

    IDFA 2009 - Slection : PARADOCS


    Tuschinski 5 Tue 24-11 22:00

    Tuschinski 4 Sat 28-11 15:00


    For the American rock trio Blonde Redhead, filmmaker and photographer Jérôme Schlomoff used a pinhole camera to make a music video of their song "Spring & by Summer Fall." The video combines outdoor shots with concert footage recorded during the "Blond Redhead meets Gainsbourg" tour in Paris in October 2008. The song appears to be about someone searching for his own life who only manages to see fragments of it in the expressions of passersby. The feelings of desolation and longing are clearly visible in the images. Unrecognizable and at a distance, the musicians play in an enormous emptiness that is only occupied by the music. Outside, the camera travels over a railroad track, looking for someone or something. The effect of the pinhole camera is that all images from the past appear to be snatched away, and as a result are endowed with something tragic. Jérôme Schlomoff started using a pinhole camera he built himself as the medium for his 35mm films back in 2000. This camera with no lens works by allowing light into an otherwise lightproof box through a miniscule hole, which records the images on film. Schlomoff's film Amsterdam Reconstruction was selected for Paradocs in 2007.


    MORE INFO : http://www.idfa.nl/industry/Festival/films-2009/film.aspx?id=e671e309-205a-49f5-9272-9e97174619d9

    BLONDE REDHEAD INFO : http://www.blonde-redhead.com/home.html

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