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    lara captan, schlomoff, letters movement, open atelier, guest artist

    For the weekend of Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of May 2018

    I'm inviting Lara Captan for a special joint exhibition, in my atelier. You are welcome.


    Label Impatience - Het Atelier Jérôme Schlomoff - Amsterdam

    Lijnbaansgracht 66, 1015 GV, Amsterdam

     Opening hours:

    Saturday 19th May: 14:00 – 19:00 / Sunday 20th May: 14:00 – 17:00

    Phone: 020-23 30 314

    LETTERS, MOVEMENT” Lara Captan.

    In my world, Arabic letters are made of motions within. 

    They embody traces of a long line of master calligraphers’ gestures, thoughts & artistic refinement.

    They are inhabited by shifting technologies that reflect the environments in which these changes keep taking place. 

    In this exhibition, you will visit fragments of my life, dedicated to playing with elemental systems, to making typefaces that tell stories of, movements.


    “LETTERS, MOVEMENT” Jérôme Schlomoff.

    I saw in the gestures of Lara's writing a whole moving world, so I wanted to make a film of the construction of her Arabic typeface. The result is like a typographic choreography.



    Born in Beirut, Lara is an independent type designer & typographer based in Amsterdam. She currently develops Arabic typefaces in an alternative technology called ACE [Advanced Composition Engine] - invented by a Dutch company called DecoType - as well as in the widespread OpenType technology. She regularly speaks at conferences around the world; and is, along with Kristyan

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    “Het Licht, altijd & opnieuw het licht”paul versteeg, schlomoff, Het Licht, altijd & opnieuw het licht, open atelier, guest artist

    Painting by Paul Versteeg                           Photograph by Jérôme Schlomoff


    For the weekend of Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th of May 2018,

    I invite Paul Versteeg for a special joint exhibition in my atelier. You are welcome

    Location :

    Label Impatience - Het Atelier Jérôme Schlomoff - Amsterdam

    Lijnbaansgracht 66, 1015 GV, Amsterdam

    Opening hours :

    Saturday 5th May : 14:00 - 19:00 / Sunday 6th May : 14:00 - 17:00

    Phone 020 23 30 314


    “Het Licht, altijd & opnieuw het licht”

     "The light, always & still the light". By Paul Versteeg.

    Paul Versteeg is a Dutch painter. When 20 years old, he assisted Marc Chagall for the creation of the ceiling paintings in the Opera Garnier in Paris. He is passionated with the observation of light phenomena. The series of paintings presented for the exhibition depicts a little street in Cabrières d’Aigues that is a village in Lubéron, France. During four years, on a regular basis, Paul has been painting this place under different kinds of lights.

    He currently gives drawing and painting lessons in his studio established on a boat moored on the Amstel river, Amsterdam. He also teaches colour theory at the Master program on conservation and restoration of cultural heritage of the University of Amsterdam.


    "The light, always & still the light". By Jérôme Schlomoff.

    For this exhibition, I present a series of photographs taken aboard Paul Verteeg's boat atelier. These images were taken over a period of 4 years and constitute a testimony about the artist.


    More info Paul Versteeg : www.paulversteeg.eu

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  • Portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat - Already 30 ans

    jean-michel basquiat, schlomoff, jean-luc piété, portraitPlatinum print 40x50 by Jean-Luc Piété. Paris

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    herwolt,van doornen,schlomoff,angels series,open atelier,guest artist

    Jérôme Schlomoff has invited Herwolt van Doornen for a special joint exhibition under the title

    "The Angels Series”

    Herwolt is active as a graphic artist and designer in Amsterdam since 1977. Through the years he has done many studies in black and white. In this case it's about his so called "Angels" he put out since 2008. Starting with sensitive lines in ink, moving to sharp cuttings in black and white paper, a special series of graphics has grown, from which a selection will be on display at Atelier Schlomoff coming mid December weekend.

    Jérôme himself has, since 1993, challenged the tradition of portrait photography by aiming at portraying "Angels". The choice of the models, the quality of the light and the composition of the image together play significant roles for the intensity of the photographs produced. 


    Herwolt, who graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy as a graphic designer has since contributed to, among others: 

    The New Yorker Magazine, the VPRO TV guide, Het Parool Newspaper, Vrij Nederland Magazine, Furore Magazine and De Poezenkrant.



    Label Impatience - Het Atelier Jérôme Schlomoff - Amsterdam

    Lijnbaansgracht 66

    Amsterdam Centrum

    Opening hours:

    Saturday 16 December:  17:00 - 20:00

    Sunday 17 December:    14:00 – 17:00



    Herwolt van Doornen's website: herwolt.com

    Check the portfolio: herwolt.wordpress.com

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  • La Ferme (work in progress - October 2017)

    LA FERME (work in progress October 2017) from JEROME SCHLOMOFF on Vimeo.

    LA FERME (work in progress October 2017)
    « A pinhole room somewhere in Morocco »

    This film is a work in progress for a film project about the "pinhole projections", with the choreographer Taoufiq Izeddiou.

    "Special thanks to Jean-Noël Schoeffer, Olivier Marty & Karl Fournier, of Studio KO, who have opened the doors of their farm." And Lalla Fatima Ezzahra Nadifi who was kind enough to sing

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