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    schlomoff, lawrence weiner, portrait, galerie daniel templon

    Lawrence Weiner, Galerie Daniel Templon Paris 1987. © schlomoff


    schlomoff, lawrence weiner, portrait, capc musée bordeaux

    Lawrence Weiner, capcMusée Bordeaux 1992. © schlomoff



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    Christian Boltanski © Jérôme Schlomoff.


    Christian Boltanski dans son atelier à Malakoff. © Jérôme Schlomoff.



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    You are cordially invited to the exhibition: "CHANEL IS BEIGE"


    This exhibition presents a series of photographs of haute couture clothing, High jewelry jewels and exclusive perfumes.

    These photographs were taken in Coco Chanel's apartment, 31 rue Cambon in Paris, in 2007, for the edition of the book of the exhibition "CHANEL L'ART COMME UNIVERS" at the request of Jean-Louis Froment, curator of this exhibition, which was held at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow,

    Beige being one of the symbolic colors for CHANEL, I chose to edit these black and white images with a beige tint.

    NOTE: Because of COVID-19, there is no opening, you can come when you want, during the week making sure that I am present by calling me on 06 38 46 73 94. And weekends on appointment, at the same number.


    November 14 / December 20


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    Every year, since 2005, I have the privilege to do a portrait of a person chosen by the architects Karl Fournier & Olivier Marty to achieve the annual greeting card from their agency STUDIO KO.


    You can discover this work on their website Around KO


    schlomoff, studio ko, karl fournier, olivier marty, portrait,

    Miza Mucciarelli 2016 © schlomoff



    These portraits are meetings, sometimes old and weathered by time, sometimes recent and full of promise, but always important.

    There is no distinction here between our personal and professional lives, as the two feed on each other and ultimately participate in the same momentum. We soon wanted to share these meetings, to honor them. We have never backed down from a curtsy, because there is no shame in admiring and letting it be known. And it is through our greeting cards, tradition on the verge of obsolescence, that we decided to do it.

    Each year a black and white portrait by Jérôme Schlomoff is printed on the same paper in the same format and folded into twelve squares.
    On the back, a color, that chosen by the guest. A portrait gallery, a mosaic of colors. This series is dedicated to all those who mark our route; they beautify our lives. These women and these men are our icons.




    Ces portraits sont des rencontres, parfois anciennes et patinées par le temps, parfois récentes et pleines de promesses, mais toujours importantes.

    Il n'y a pas de distinguo ici entre nos vies personnelles et professionnelles, tant les deux se nourrissent l'une de l'autre et finalement participent du même élan. Nous avons assez tôt eu l'envie de faire partager ces rencontres, de les honorer. Nous n'avons jamais reculé devant une révérence, car il n'y a pas de honte à admirer et à le faire savoir. Et c'est par nos cartes de vœux, tradition au bord de la désuétude, que nous avons décidé de le faire.

    Chaque année un portrait en noir et blanc par Jérôme Schlomoff est imprimé sur le même papier au même format et plié en douze carrés.
    Au dos, une couleur, celle choisie par l'invité. Une galerie de portraits, une mosaïque de couleurs. Cette série est dédiée à tous ceux qui jalonnent notre parcours ; ils embellissent notre vie. Ces femmes et ces hommes, sont nos icônes.


    list of portraits from 2020 to 2005

    Liz Lau
    Camélia Jordana
    Betty Catroux
    Richard Christiansen
    Miza Mucciarelli
    Pierre Bergé
    El Mehdi Azzam
    Jean-Noël Schoeffer
    Abdallah Haqqaoui
    Françoise Dorget
    Marie-Angélique Savané
    Jérôme Schlomoff
    Jean-Noël Santelli
    Sana Farès
    Pascale Mussard
    Jean-Louis Froment


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    schlomoff, gravemaker, thomas, letterpress amsterdam, portrait

    Thomas Gravemaker © Schlomoff - Amsterdam 2020

    Thomas Gravemaker, who has extensive experience and knowledge in letterpress and graphic design, worked for many years in the UK with various publishers – including several years as a senior designer at Thames & Hudson – and in France, first as studio manager in a design group, before setting up his own studio (www.tomscot.org). He works on book and exhibition design, catalogues and publicity material for clients such as Flammarion, the Réunion des Musées nationaux, Mollat, musée Carnavalet, musée de l’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Maison de Victor Hugo, The National Galleries of Scotland and many others.

    More info about Thomas Gravemaker : https://www.letterpressamsterdam.com/

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