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schlomoff, jean-michel basquiat, didier arnaudet, lara captan, maarten schuurman, aga lab

Portraits Jérôme Schlomoff

Poems Didier Arnaudet

Calligraphy Lara Captan


"Jean-Michel Basquiat Special Edition", is an edition of 10 copies (with 5 extra copies as artist's proofs)


Translation from the top, left to right


Does there exist a possibility of suppressing this poorly closed wound, of transcending it, or better, of accomplishing it?


Would the elsewhere explain existence better than existence explains the elsewhere?


But what is then this geometry? What resonance to attribute it? Should one even interpret its original roughness at the risk of making disappear its fundamental indetermination?


Where to go to hear the secrets of a voice that still possesses the desire and the precious gift to compose stories of ogres, of crows, of needles, of stones, of white-hot stars, of parades, of toothless mouths, of magic wands, and of beasts more benevolent than angels?


Translation by Madeleine Vaudremer



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