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films de l'impatience - new logo

Discover the new logo for the "films de l'impatience".

In 2001, I used a photograph of the curtains of the Carnegie Library of Reims to create the logo : "label impatience," by isolating the contours of a figure in profile, with a mask on his face, as suggested by the stains and lacerations in a old curtain of the library.

Today I filmed a curtain of the houseboat of the Dutch artist Paul Versteeg, in Amsterdam, to extract from the ghostly landscape, formed by spots, a new ghostly figure for the new logo of the "films de l'impatience."

I invite you to see this generic on my VIMEO page

click the link below the image

schlomoff, films de l'impatience, logo, paul versteeg

(still image - detail)


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